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GuarantyLoansOnline uses the following security measures to ensure a safe and secure environment in which you can conduct your banking transactions.


  • The bank will NEVER contact you on an unsolicited basis and request your password or PIN.
  • NEVER give your information by phone or online unless you have initiated the call or transaction.
  • If you notice any suspicious activity or experience any security related events call 800-235-4636
  • Passwords Unique Passwords
    You are able to choose a password that will be used by you to access GuarantyLoansOnline. This password should be kept secure by not writing it down anywhere or sharing it with anyone. Also, it is imporant that when you are finished with your banking session that you make sure you properly exit before leaving your computer by clicking the logoff button.
    SSL SSL Protocol
    You must use a browser that supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. If your browser supports SSL protocol a key or lock will appear in the lower lefthand corner of your screen. SSL protocol scrambles the information that is sent or received over the internet. This provides for a secure channel for data transmission.

    We recommend the following browsers, which use SSL protocol:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
    • Mozilla Firefox 5+
    • Google Chrome 12+
    • Apple Safari 5.1+
    • Opera 10.00+
    If you are not operating on one of these supported browsers, you may experience technical difficulties. At this time phones and tablets are not supported.
    Firewalls Routers and Firewalls
    Routers and firewalls filter information by determining who has access to what components of GuarantyLoansOnline and by tracking each request made. These items protect your sensitive information from the outside world.